To live in the future


To live in the future, scaring or unplanned? 

What does the word “future” suggest to you? A misty and winding distance in time? Or an edifice of hope? In the year 1999, three nairas could suffice for lunch for a five-year-old. In 2019 however, fifty nairas would not suffice as pocket money for a child of the same age. The world has changed from what it used to be. Telephones which used to be a rarity in the early 2000s are now commonplace.

The same goes for television and the computer. As time passes, we must, as a matter of responsibility amass new information to be able to compete favorably in the world of the future. The information age has brought with it tremendous transformation to the method of doing business. In 99’, people had to pay for every good or service rendered in cash. Nowadays, one can pay virtually without having cash changing hands.

While the ancient and modern world required employees and huge Corporate buildings with offices, files, shops, and sales personnel, future intelligence would displace the status quo. With growing interest in the study of robotics, corporations would no longer require huge buildings as partners can work from the comfort of their homes eliminating the cost of a rental while robots can be automated to cater to stimulated responses.

Files can be created on computers and local shops are fast losing their popularity to online marketing which gives buyers and sellers a platform to reach millions of people at a time; an option which sedentary shops cannot offer.

This shift would facilitate mass unemployment to people who have hitherto become laid back on jobs and distraught by the cost shop ownership incurs on business profitability. There are indeed hazards associated with using Artificial Intelligence to fuel business but we must look towards the future. The challenges of cyber insecurity which poses a threat to businesses do not erode the fact that the biggest entrepreneurs in history were those who took advantage of the capabilities of what the information age could offer. Apple, Uber, Facebook to mention but a few.

With a rise in studies on various branches of information technology occupying the focus of future society, the following virtues will put one at a more favorable advantage; excellence and integrity. According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, Excellence is defined as being of the highest quality. It requires the highest moral and ethical standards and accountability. Being excellent in one’s chosen field is what sets one apart.

We must strive to be excellent in our chosen fields. We must put in the work to achieve what we have set our minds to. It is only with excellence that we can hope to be active players in the activities of the future. Excellence commands honor and honor brings us in favor of people of honor. This will place us at the
very height of whatever environment we find ourselves. Whether or not anyone is watching, we must always bear in mind that our honor should be the guiding light towards truth.

Integrity, on the other hand, as defined by the online free dictionary, is the quality of being adherent to strict moral codes. In a world where being phony is the new cool, integrity in business will put one at the advantage at all times. One can indeed compromise standards to achieve present gain, but what is the long term significance of the achieved sum? The future would require more than a humble tilt towards false modesty.

It would demand a lifestyle of consistent delivery of matchless and unbending integrity. When we promise to deliver a
the particular quality of products to our customers, we must make sure that we deliver the same.

We must make sure that our price is competitive according to standard business practices. We must make sure that we secure trust because it is what keeps our customers coming back. I have heard tales of how business owners swindle customers of their money in the name of “selling online”. We have to move up the ladder of commonplace to world-class. We need to change the narrative of doing business as that is what will keep us in the world of the future.

As we go through life, we should remember that the future is a place none of us has ever been to. It is a different place from what we are used to. The future represents a promise for a better and more sophisticated workplace, we took must take with us the timeless qualities of excellence and integrity.

This article was written by Esther Oluku, A prolific content writer with TYLC.

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