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About Us

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The Young Leaders Council

The Young Leaders Council (TYLC) is an established alliance of veritable young change makers and leaders with a mandate to redefine and reignite veritable leadership in individuals, corporates, communities, and nations through high impact solutions and interventions. With roots in Nigeria, The Young Leaders Council is poised to be the largest and most formidable leadership organization with a constant drive for measurable impact and development.

We are a volunteer-driven organization and we have our focus on thematic areas of civic leadership, personal and cooperate leadership, public administration, sustainable development, Access to Information and Quality Education, Public policy and open and transparent Governance. We are positioned to build an alliance of the most enterprising young achievers in the globe and develop every young mind who aspires to reach enviable heights of leadership, impact, and significance.

There is a lot of value re-orientation and responsible exposure needed among youths and we are on a mission to deliver these onto the next generation of global leaders.


To build a generation of responsible thinking youths and committed leaders at the frontline of change, national development and global prosperity


To inspire, educate and equip individuals, organizations, and leaders globally with the requisite information and skills needed to hone their leadership. Building veritable leadership content in individuals and corporates locally for national regional and global development.

We do this through high impact solutions and interventions in the form of training, advocacy, events, and mentorship.


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We are leaders and in everything we do, we demonstrate leadership acumen in every stratum of society. We go about our activities knowing that we have a duty to inspire, influence and model our society into greatness and responsibility.


We have a distinctive quality which is to always surpass ordinary standards. Achieving excellence is never as easy, but it’s what we are committed to. For us it is not just a yardstick for judging performance, it is more, a culture woven into our very fabric and guides our every activity and action.


We act fairly, ethically and openly in all we do. Acting above and beyond conventional codes of morality and honesty, conducting ourselves in a manner that is consistent with a high standard of professionalism, be it our appearance or demeanor when interacting with our beneficiaries, benefactors, volunteers or partners.


Ideas rule the world and innovation is coming up with new and better solutions that would meet new requirements and unarticulated needs. We constantly search for such ideas to keep us producing global leaders with requisite contemporary knowledge and skills.


Leadership is effective when everyone has a sense of unity and we become integrated as one. We realize our interconnectedness and ensure that we all work in unity of purpose to achieve our set goals as aspiration. This is the heart of teamwork.


We are passionate about what we do. Grooming global leaders requires a lot of effort and devotion and it’s our passion for veritable and responsible leaders that fuel such devotion. This passion is contagious and is usually extended to our youths and leaders across all our activities.


In all our activities we have an obligation to account for every activity, accept responsibility for them and to disclose their results in a transparent manner. Owning up to whatever is not performing well so we can have a conversation around doing better.