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The Young Leaders Council

THE YOUNG LEADERS COUNCIL (TYLC) is an International Organization with a mandate to institutionalize ethical and veritable Leadership in Nations and organizations globally. Our Primary Focus is to ensure that we produce a new breed of transformational and pragmatic leaders, equipped with the requisite tools and temperaments that would enable them to lead themselves, individuals, organizations, communities, cities, and nations successfully. 

What we will offer you

Education & Training

Helping Youths, Individual, organizations and cooperate bodies develop effective leadership through well-structured Education and Training

Advocacy & campaign

Cultivating a deep culture of ethical and veritable Leadership through tenacious advocacy and virile campaigns that would cut accros all spheres of culture and society

Projects and Initiatives

Causing a paradigm shift, value re-orientation, and positive generational evolution through ingenious projects and creative initiatives with measurable impact.

Leadership Camp

Providing Disruptive solutions, Leadership and Management training, social and complimentary services by leveraging on our experienced and professional faculty

National Colloquiums

Organised national programs dealing with imminent issues at both national and global scale and how the youths can be part of it

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Why Leadership

Leadership matters. Right now, today no matter what situation we find yourself in. Whether you lead a team of one or a team of 100, leadership matters. Whether you lead at home, at the office, in one city or across the globe, leadership matters. It matters in an up economy or a down economy, in a start-up or a mature business, in local business or a global enterprise. Inspiring leadership is the single biggest factor in achieving extraordinary results.

What People Are Saying

The Young Leaders Council - OLAOLUWA OLUWASOLA
The young Leaders Council is a unique organisation that has within a short while demonstrated their commitment to the cause of young people as a voice worthy of Note.
Olaolu Olusola
Leadership Coach
The leadership and active citizenship bootcamp organized by the young leaders council can be said to a life changing experience. I got to realise more about effective communication,knowing my right as a citizen,emotional intelligence,volunteering and also be inclined to whatever that is going on in my environment.
Kolawole Ayin
I got to be under the profound speakers I could have never imagined and I must say that the event has be such a blessing and I see myself attaining great success as regards all.that I have learnt at the training.
Adaeze Pelwis

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