This is a program for young and hitherto unidentified potential leaders below the age of twenty- three. The program is particularly for, but not limited to children, teens, and youths living in under-served communities.

We take them through possible boot camps or training where they will be enlightened and exposed to capacity development training, namely; civic engagement, leadership, career choice, passion to portfolio, social and emotional intelligence, human rights, value-reorientation program and personal success stories of various individuals. During these sessions, we would find out their passion and their plans. They will make well-informed choices between going into an industry of their interest and developing a desired skill or vocation. They will get to pick out of a list of available Vocation centers and companies we’ve provided and they’ll go on these training for a period of 4 months to 1 year depending on the agreement with the companies and the student’s plan for furtherance of their education.

This model is being employed because it would see them becoming role models to many others in their immediate society and they will be able to influence their communities and childhood friends positively, thereby multiplying the impact.


This is a philanthropic program embarked on by The Young Leaders Council and it involves sponsoring indigent students to basic and high school while providing career guidance for them. The rate of Juvenile delinquency in Nigeria has been alarming and according to a study carried out by Mrs. Adeboye Abosede in Nigeria, 75% of juvenile crimes and delinquencies are constituted from the country’s population of poor and underprivileged people while only 13% of such crimes are related to children from privileged or well to do homes. The study was carried out in secondary schools and it proved that these underserved ones because of their background have a biased view of life and what it has in stock for them. They, therefore, are a very vulnerable population.

We identify that every kid is a potential leader and therefore all kids should be given an equal opportunity at the table of education and consequently leadership. Goal 4 of the Global goals is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. One of its targets is to ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.

The program has already been implemented with existing beneficiaries. We hope to expand the program by connecting these kids to potential support families for continued support mentorship and exposure. This program will go a long way to reduce the involvement of children and youths in delinquent and anti-social activities. This because they will be equipped with a responsible mind from a young age and they will equally be kept constructively active. An idle hand they say is the devil’s workshop


The High School Connect is a preparation program where High school students start to comprehend and connect with their Unique Leadership style. The program is a non-credit course and training for senior secondary school students. The goal of the Leadership Training is to teach motivated high school students the philosophy behind leadership, the indispensability of teamwork, and help them promote self-reflection and the comprehension of self-identity. we take the students through a practical and ground-breaking exposure to veritable Leadership.

During this program, they would be tested to use their new knowledge and skills to enhance and develop their colleagues and classmates. We strive to create an atmosphere where the students would learn to see their interconnections and develop a culture of leadership and working with each other. They would complete the program with a passion to learn more about leadership and seek to lead a life of purpose and impact.

The structure of the program is such that participants would have access to mentorship from accredited members of The Young Leaders Council and would have future access to resources and materials at the disposal of the Young Leaders Council.

The Young Leaders Council


The 360-degree graduate program is a program for Tertiary Institutions students and fresh or recent graduates. It is designed to revolutionize the leadership quality and employ ability potential of University Graduates (Including other Institutions of higher learning). It is the brainchild of The Young Leaders Council Academy. It aims to solve the challenges of Unemployment, Underemployment, entrepreneurship and Capacity building.

The Goal of education is to become and the hallmark of an Ideal 21st Century graduate is to possess Knowledge and skills. The University system, however, is not intentional in its aim to develop the necessary the necessary skills to enable graduates to survive in the real world. Students, therefore, have to go the extra mile to acquire these skills but unfortunately many are unaware of it. Our aim through this program is to, therefore, bring these realities to their attention and equip them with these requisite skills and knowledge.

The program includes a job masterclass, A financial intelligence training, and entrepreneurship training, Leadership sessions as well as corporate culture and etiquette sessions. The program has been implemented in institutions in Lagos and Ibadan and hopes to expand to more institutions over time.


Connecting Leaders is a radio program of The Young Leaders Council meant for University campuses. It is proposed to be aired on the radio stations of campuses. we over-time perceived a decline in the level and quality of leadership among university students. We realized that in many cases these universities have had a history of heroic students who demonstrated quality and responsible leadership. These many iconic students who now look like gods to most of the present university students actually passed through the same four walls of the University, in its same location. Attended similar classes, Faced the same challenges the students are now facing and still they came out to be such outstanding individuals. While it may be a truism that the economic situations that surrounded a vast number of them have continually changed over time, the fact still remains that their success is a product of principles, knowledge and survival tactics they had at their fingertips.

There seem to be a disconnection between those who have left the university with jaw-breaking achievements and the young ones equally eyeing such enviable heights. There has been a vacuum of mentorship. Some students are lost between pursuing their passion and fitting into what the society expects of them, some others have made their decisions and are baffled at the many unforeseen challenges they are facing, the remnant majority have not even asked themselves the question of what their purpose is in life and have no sense of direction regarding where and what they’ll be doing beyond life in the university. The program would periodically bring alumnus of such schools to share their realities and experiences with other students with a bid to guide them through life and enable them achieve similar enviable heights. The program is being introduced to 2 universities in Nigeria. The University of Lagos, and the University of Ibadan.

The Young Leaders Council