Message From the ED

The Young Leaders Council - OLAOLUWA OLUWASOLA

Welcome to TYLC

I come from a continent beset by the many failures of leaders. Leadership is an age long problem, but the leadership crisis faced by Africans is one that can be greatly diminished with the right approach, the right attitude, the needed information and a great depth of wisdom. This crisis has had far-reaching effects on the populace and these serve us a responsibility to our people.

I am delighted that at such a time as this I have the rare opportunity to lead a movement that seeks to solve one of our greatest challenge as a people. As a person, the subject of Leadership has always got my juices flowing, most especially when it comes to young people. I have always believed that any and every young person, irrespective of their background can achieve unimaginable heights of success and impact if given the right knowledge, information, and exposure and learn to embrace it.

The story is told of Julius Caesar and ‘Barbarians at the gate’ the story verily depicts the approach to leadership we have today and its lethargic effects. We live in a world where ‘Portfolio holders’ last essentially what it is to be a leader and unfortunately this contaminated model is what is being presented to our youths and children. Fortunately, I have had the rare opportunity to interface with leaders on repute across the continent at a very early age. I learned what it is to have the right kind of leadership and the huge difference it could make in the life of persons, organizations and Nations. I have equally had many opportunities to demonstrate veritable leadership and the distinguishing results ignited the passion in me to lead the development of the right kind of leadership in other,

It is better to prepare a child than repair an adult. This perfectly tell why our focus is on youths and children. While leadership can be learned at almost any level through, devotion commitment and consistency, it is more easily learned at a younger age and it gives an opportunity for a lifelong era of impact and revolutionary contribution to society. We have earmarked a greater percentage of our efforts to the development of leadership in youths and children while also paying attention to the kind of example they get from the anteceding generation.

Since our inception, our mandate has been clear and precise, raising the next generation of global leaders with a vision to propel, drive accelerate and maximize veritable and responsible leadership in every young person. Our innovative approach has and would continue to distinguish us as we pursue fervently the task of raising responsible leaders.

At The Young Leaders Council you can expect to be inspired to greatness in Leadership. Join us as I invite you to a challenging but interesting journey into Leadership, Personal development, community development and Nation building. I am Olaoluwa Oluwasola and my message is IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING, LEVEL-UP YOUR LEADERSHIP.

Thank You.


Executive Director
The Young Leaders Council