Information and quality education

Information and Quality Education

Information and quality education in the new era is an aspect of the world we live in.

To inform is to educate and to educate is to inform. Education is very important and thus, everyone should be allowed to have access to it. This is because the benefits of education outnumber the downsides if there are any at all. Just like Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It should be noted however that a lot of people strive to be educated but do not have access to quality education.

Quality education is not only beneficial to the person but its benefits also spread across to the society, thereby making society a better place to live in. Quality education is important for the growth and development of a country as it helps to improve every aspect
of life through its major role in informing.

Quality education is and should always be a right to be enjoyed by all. However, as a result of one thing or the other, it has become a privilege only affordable to those who can afford it across the world, and Nigeria is not left out. The rate at which young children of school age are seen hawking, loitering about, and begging during school hours is disheartening and pitiful.

Parents who dare to send their children out to fend for themselves have reached the extreme of parenthood but that is a subject of discussion for another day. Effects on lack of quality education include teenage pregnancy, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, and the likes.

Children and youths are deprived of access to quality education for various reasons, some of which their parents are the initiators. The widely known reason is poverty which is caused by unemployment or underemployment. Another is ignorance on the part of parents or guardians. Others are the marginalization of girls, illiteracy on the part of parents.

To increase access to quality education, many productive steps can be taken. The first is the sensitization of parents. Parents and guardians should be enlightened and exposed to the advantages of providing their wards with quality education. They should be informed of the dangers of a lack of quality education. Teachers should also be duly trained before being employed. On the job, teachers should be made to attend seminars and workshops to improve their knowledge and skills.

The government should help in providing basic educational materials and resources to help in equipping children and youth with quality education. The government should also help in providing financial assistance to parents as
regards education. The government can do this by providing free educational opportunities and also subsidized educational opportunities at some point. Also, there should be no disparity between the male and the female in the provision of access to quality education.

Lastly, quality education is the most reliable means of providing information. Following the aforementioned steps will help in equipping children and youths with quality education and thus quality information. And at the end of the day, society including the world at large will be a better place to live in.

This article was written by Oluwademilade Akinsola, A prolific writer with TYLC.

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