Corona virus otherwise known as Covid-19 is a global pandemic revenging the world at large.

All countries are suffering from it’s effect. No country is left out. It’s like life has been placed on hold, as people are asked to stay at home.

Religious gathering are closed down, people are asked to disengaged from social gatherings. With the hope to curb the spread of the pandemic and procure a cure.

Many have lost their lives and some are lying sick as a result of the pandemic. Flights are cancelled, borders closed.

Would life return to normal after the pandemic? No

Countries, organizations, companies, businesses, individuals are seizing the opportunity to change their working system.

As change is constant in man’s development and man have been trained to work and adjust to changes.

Who would have believed, working from home to be effective? As no one has ever given it a thought aside working mothers who have been practicing and running their businesses from home.

This is where technology comes in. Technology can never be outdated! It will keep expanding towards every sphere of life, developing and making life easier. Technology is life.

This is why we all need to be tech savvy, if you don’t want to be left out of the train.

People are getting themselves equipped with the necessary skills to fit in. No room for excuse. You want to remain relevant and indespensable ? Get updated!

We are no longer in the era of paper work. Technology has taken over.

We do not all need, to be present in the office before we can execute our work.

This was discovered as a result of the pandemic.

The first online court case was judge via zoom as a result of the pandemic. Who would have thought that this would be possible?.

Parliamentary session, classes were held online.

People are making use of the online space.

Very soon, physical appearance would not matter. You work and earn online which is working presently for some people.

Are you waiting to be called back after the pandemic? Don’t put your hopes high. Lot of people have lost their job while some have to appear at work two or three times a week.

Don’t expect the world would return to normal.

Globalization have taken a new face. Expect to see new things, especially in the area of networking. Be prepared!

Seize this opportunity, acquire the necessary skills to remain relevant.

NWAEZE AMARACHI QUEEN is a content writer at The Young Leaders Council

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