Gender and development


Gender and development in Nation-building

Gender is an important consideration in development. Gender according to Wikipedia is the range of characteristics of and differentiating between, masculine and feminine. The World Health Organization defines gender as the result of socially constructed ideas about the behavior, actions, and roles a particular sex performs.

The beliefs, values, and attitudes exhibited by the people in a society are the agreeable norms of the society. The personal opinions of the people are not taken into consideration, of assignment of gender and imposition of gender roles. This implies that the society in which one lives automatically decides the gender of an individual, through gender identity and gender roles. Gender Identity is defined as a personal conception of oneself as a male or female, which is the outward manifestation of personality that reflects the identity. E.g. characteristics in behavior, dress, and mannerism. Gender Roles can be defined as the behavior, values, and attitudes that society consider appropriate for both male and female.

Traditionally, men and women have completely opposing roles, men are seen as the provider for the family, and women are seen as the caretaker of both the home and the family. Gender Development – in the world making progress? Yes, the world is making progress. Gender Development can change the entire economy of a Nation; a Nation that desires growth and development should consider gender development, while a Nation that doesn’t, struggles with developing. Both males and females have an integral part to play in the growth and development of a Nation.

Gender Development or I can say Equality helps to ensure fairness so that men and women can partake on an equal basis in decision making and in developing a better society. In Economic Development – Sustainable Development relies on ending discrimination towards women and providing equal opportunities. Gender Equality has been conclusively shown to stimulate economic growth, which is crucial for developing countries. The importance of Gender Development / Equality cannot be overlooked in the development of a Nation.

Women are being empowered and enlightened, also allowed equal rights in Education and Employment. Women are given equal right to Education, gone are the days when women are being deprived of Education or restricted to a particular field. Women are now found in every profession, e.g. Medicine, Engineering, Architect among all others. They are no longer restricted to any particular type of job or position in the workplace. They are also allowed to earn a living like the male and are entitled to the same salary range.

It is believed that women invest 70% of their salary to the family which in return goes back to society, unlike the male. They are also allowed to play an active role in decision making and have the same leadership opportunities as men. Women can now aspire to and contest in various leadership positions of the Nation.

Women are now seen represented in the Senate, House of Assembly, and House of Representatives, also becoming President of Nations. The vote of the women is deeply been solicited, to ensure victory. Because women constitute a larger path in society. Also, in Religion women are made to stand on the podium to preach to the congratulations.

Women are given special attention as regards women’s empowerment and programs. Gender Equality and Development is important to ensure the progress of a Nation.  The male now assists their wives as regards house chores which leads to a long-lasting and happy home.

A Happy Home is a Happy Nation!

Gender DEVELOPMENT – The World is Progressing!!

This article was written by Nwaeze Amarachi Queen, An outstanding content writer with TYLC.

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