Quality education


With the advent of technology advancing everyday, information can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world. Information is opened to all asundry; not limited to a particular number of people.  The advent of technology has made it possible to get a first hand and highly classified information. Unlimited access to information is guaranteed.

Information is the knowledge received or given about a particular thing or subject; education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, value, beliefs and habits. Education can either be formal or informal. Formal education is facilitated within the four walls of a school. A school is a place where teaching and learning takes place. Formal education requires a learner and a teacher for learning to take place; learning is done consciously. Also, teaching materials are provided to aid effective teaching and learning process. 

While, an informal education is the opposite of formal education. Learning is done outside the four walls of a school, it does not require a learner and a teacher. Learning is acquired unconsciously. This is where belief system, norms, customs, tradition and skill acquisition comes in to play.

Skill acquisition is another form of an informal education. It is informal, because it has no standard curriculum to be followed. It involves an apprentice and a master.  The apprentice is exposed to the necessary knowledge and information needed to acquire that particular skill. He or she is then left alone to practice the skill acquired. Certificate is also issued in most cases.

Information and education goes hand in hand.  To access a quality education, you need information. Information helps you to know the changes that has been made to teaching and learning. Lack of information will deprive you of a quality education. The extent to which you will go in life depends solely on the amount of information you’re exposed to. For instance, if I want to study a particular course, the absence of the basic information I need as regard the course, will deprive me from studying the course. But, technology has made it possible for me to access the information I need about that particular course.

Information helps to connect, make enquires and findings about an institution. “What do they stand for?” “Their facilities, are they up to standard?”, “their years of existence”, “mode of operations”, “qualified educators” and “number of successful candidate that has been produced”. To access the quality education you desire.

As technology advances, so also information  broadens; the educational system is affected. There’s adjustment in the teaching and learning process.  Likewise, teaching methodology is affected. Access to information helps school owners and educators to know when changes has been made to teaching and learning process, so as to provide the learners with quality education. Also, acquint the staffs with the changes that has been made. Access to information via technology has made it easy to access quality education anytime, anywhere in the world, even at your own convenience. For instance, I can decide to take an online course from a prestigious institution, without necessarily having to travel down to the state. I can as well, have my certificate email to me.

Also, I can decide to have a one on one tutor. I can search for study materials and partners via technology with the information I have. In order, to access quality education.Platforms for questions and answers to academic based questions can also be access. All these are possible, because of access to information leading to quality education


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